Darkroom Service was founded by Dublin based experienced professional photographer and traditional photography tutor Artur Sikora.
Artur started Darkroom Service to open new possibilities for young photographers, help those experienced to keep on working with the best possible photographic medium and simply... keep film alive.

We have in our offer:
 - processing all types of professional B&W films (not C-41!) from 35mm up to large format 
 - scanning negatives in high resolution up to format 8x10,
 - scanning glass plates in high resolution up to format 8x10,
 - scanning prints up to format 8x10 or A4 , basic restoration and archiving on CD/DVD
 - contact sheets wet printing (B&W)
 - contact sheets archival pigment prints (colour and B&W)
 - photographs archival pigment printing up to A3+ format (13x19in)
 - workshops

Please check all sections for details.