Scanning /negatives/

All will be scanned in high resolution 2400dpi or higher if required (up to 4600dpi) and recorded on CD/DVD as a tiff format and 72dpi jpg (for preview purposes).
Every single frame will be scanned separately. 

Scanning with higher resolution than presented above will cost 20% more in total.

Negatives (Color/B&W) and Slides:

35mm  - 15    EUR per roll*  or  2 EUR per frame                                      
120      - 12.5 EUR per roll*  or  2 EUR per frame                                     
4x5      -  2.8  EUR sheet*                                              
8x10    -  16   EUR per sheet*                                       

Negatives Developing + Scanning:

35mm - 18    EUR per roll                                             
120     - 16.5 EUR per roll                                             
4x5     -  3.8   EUR per sheet*                                         

Glass Plates Scanning

4x5 plate - 6 EUR per plate
8x10 plate - 18 EUR per plate

Other sizes will be priced separately. Please contact me for details.

*PLEASE NOTE - minimum order 15 EUR