Darkroom Service was founded in 2012 by Dublin based photographer and traditional photography tutor Artur Sikora.
Artur started Darkroom Service to open new possibilities for young photographers, help those experienced to keep on working with the best possible photographic medium and simply... keep film alive.

Darkroom Service operates only a couple of hours a day due to its character and internal arrangements so very small orders can be completed within 24h. Otherwise, it may take a bit longer.
Details to be arranged with the client.


1. Chemistry used
- Ilford Ilfotec HC, Fotoimpex 110-Professional (the equivalent of HC-110) and Rodinal

2. Scanner
- Epson V850 Pro
- SilverFast 9 Studio AI
- Hi-res mirrorless camera with a macro lens on a copy stand (alternative option)
- Negative Lab Pro

3. Payment
- domestic transaction - cash or credit card
- postal orders - please see the description below.

4. Orders collection and disposal
- depends on arrangements with the client

5. Order completion
- minimum 24h depends on the order

Mail orders are available.

You can send us your films/negatives by post
We will send it back as a registered mail via AnPost /Client cover postage price/

Please contact us before sending the package with your order.

Payment options:

- bank transfer
- Revolut
- PayPal
- SumUp mobile payment
/order will be completed after payment full clearance in the bank(!)/

Address details on request.

Thank you!