B&W Negatives Developing (not C-41):

35mm/120 - 8 EUR per roll
4x5 - 3.50 EUR per sheet
8X10 - 10 EUR per sheet

Push and pull processing included in the price. All negatives are hand processed according to the manufacturers recommended times.

Negative film hi-res scanning:

35mm - 25 EUR per roll (negative and slides) 0.70EUR per frame
120 - 25 EUR per roll
4x5 - 4.50 EUR per sheet
8x10 - 20 EUR per sheet

Developing + Scanning:

35mm/120 - 30EUR in total
4x5 - 6.50 EUR in total
8x10 - 25 EUR in total

Glass plates hi-res scanning:

4x5 - 8 EUR
8x10 - 22 EUR

Negatives and slides will be scanned in high-resolution 2400dpi, TIFF in order to achieve the optimal physical size of the file. The output file will be TIFF, 300dpi.
Each frame is scanned individually. Automatic colour correction and adjustments are included.

Prints/photographs scanning:

Size up to A4 or 8x10in:

1-100 prints 70c
101-200 prints 65c
201-300 prints 60c
301-500 prints 55c
over 500 50c

PLEASE NOTE: Cleaning, precise colour correction and other 'deep' adjustments are NOT included in the above prices. Such work can be arranged and the price will be confirmed. Only automatic colour correction and adjustments are included.